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Mitch (M & L Landscaping) has been our landscaper for at least the past 15 years.  He maintains our yard, has designed our current landscaping scheme, and prepares our yard for spring and winter.  Over the years, we have been very pleased with Mitch and his team's work. 

His first job for us was to remove ground cover and seed a large area with grass a in an area where we had trees taken down.  The grass did wonderfully, looks rich and survives to this day.  He has successfully helped us over the years in landscape design and planting, helping us select plants that would be deer resistant (as much as plants can be deer resistant!) and low maintenance as well as pretty and colorful. 

It is always so exciting to return home that day in the spring when Mitch and his team has come to our house, cleaned up our yard and gotten us ready for spring!  Everything always looks wonderful.

We have asked Mitch to maintain our yard.  He contacts us approximately once per month to let us know if anything needs to be done, and if so, what.  Sometimes no work needs to be done, and sometimes quite a bit of work needs to be done!  The end result is always a yard that meets our expectations.

Mitch communicates very well with us, by phone, in person or via email.  He always let's us know when he is coming and what he will do.  If we have any issues or concerns, he promptly responds and addresses them. His team of workers is wonderful as well.  They communicate to us what they are doing and are always neat and polite.

We highly recommend Mitch and M&L Landscaping!  They have served us well for many years!!!!

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